Sunday, May 16, 2010

why men have difficulty saying"i love u"

for most people " i love u" is blurted out near the beginning of a relationship, when both partners are high on hormones and probably having trouble remembering even their own names. For a woman, she's likely to start exhibiting nesting behaviors such as picking curtains, cuddling teddy bears, cooking meals for him, (if she doesn't already ) noticing couples with babies everywhere and talking 'happily-ever-after' terms hurmmm..... . he must live up to this statements and its implications today, tomorrow or maybe forever. so unless he's hoping to have sex with a woman and is in rush of hormones, he'll avoid saying it.!

a woman stays in a relationship with an unsuitable man under the illusion that he'll change now that he's with her or that "love conquer all" . she refuses to acknowledge that he treats her badly or doesn't really love her . she doesn't even notice how she's slipped from"beautiful princess" to "bitch" in just six month. if a woman is ensure of a man's love she can ask her closest female friends for their opinion and insist they tell the truth. in other words phone a friends. although many women are not good at spotting deficiencies in their own relationship, they are excellent at spotting them in other couples. most women don't realize how little love existed in a relationship until they are out of it, but a women female friends can "see" the truth , so why not u ask them..?

men love to meet women who profess that"love conquer all" it means that with a good delivery of the right 'love phrase"at the right time .... as a women.. you have to know this . it is very important to u..

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